Eiffage Immobilier moves up the list of French low-carbon builders and wins three BBCA labels

Eiffage Immobilier moves up the list of French low-carbon builders and wins three BBCA labels

The "BBCA 2021 Laureates" awards ceremony was recently held, inaugurated by Jean Jouzel, glaciologist, former vice-president of the IPCC and honorary member of the BBCA Association, who reminded us of the results of the COP 26 and the future challenges in terms of climate. During this event, our teams received 3 prizes for 3 projects developed by Eiffage Immobilier. The prizes were awarded to Hyperion, Echo and the E3 lot in sector E of the Athletes' Village, and reward the work of all our teams in building the sustainable city of tomorrow.

The BBCA 2021 Awards for French low-carbon property developers were also unveiled, with Eiffage Immobilier ranking highly! 

The BBCA label, launched in 2016, has become a benchmark for certifying the exemplary carbon footprint of a new or renovated building. It measures and reports on the CO2 emissions avoided over the entire life cycle of the building (construction-operating-end of life), and the good practices of circular economy and carbon storage implemented. The 3 projects that have obtained it are :

  •     Hypérion, the tallest wooden residential tower in France located in Bordeaux (33). Designed by Viguier architecture urbanisme paysage, it is a real reference in terms of wood and industrialized construction. It was delivered in the summer of 2021.
  •     "Echo", a low-carbon property development under construction in Lagord (17), located in the Atlantech® eco-responsible park initiated by the La Rochelle agglomeration community. It is part of a property development, "Lot 2A", being developed by Eiffage Immobilier, Aquitanis and Axanis, and will consist of 127 mixed-use homes spread over 7 E3C2-labelled buildings.
  •     Lot E3 of sector E of the Village des Athlètes, for which we were co-promoted with the consortium composed of Nexity, CDC Habitat, Groupama and EDF. This emblematic project includes wood, low-carbon concrete, reuse, bio-sourced materials, planted areas, etc. Work began this summer.

In addition to these 3 awards, the BBCA Association has published the various BBCA 2021 Awards for French low-carbon property developers, in which Eiffage Immobilier, which is making continuous progress, is well placed in terms of the number and size of low-carbon projects carried out and developed: find out more.

Congratulations to all our teams for these fine results, which demonstrate our determination to develop sustainable construction, in line with our ambitious environmental approach!