Eiffage Aménagement joins the partner network of the Chair « Aménager le Grand Paris »

Eiffage Aménagement joins the partner network of the Chair « Aménager le Grand Paris »

In 2019, the Chair Aménager le Grand Paris welcomes eight new partners, including Eiffage Aménagement, which will help develop reflections on the development of the Greater Paris. 

The Chaire was launched in July, 2017 by the school of Town planning of Paris and five public actors invested in the production of Big Paris: the Deposit office, CDC housing environment, the Land Public institution of Ile-de-France ( EPFIF), Big Paris Aménagement ( GPA) and the Company(Society) of Big Paris (SGP).
The main missions of the Chaire are to develop the search and the monitoring job on the practices of the arrangement(development); train(form) students of the EUP and the professionals; put in perspective practices of arrangement(development) by international comparisons and to open debates towards the company.

As one of the deprived actors pioneers of the urban planning in France, Eiffage Aménagement was chosen by the Chaire thanks to its experience(experiment) of 35 years in the field of the urban planning and its capacity in:

  • Partner's posture with the urban project ownership:
    • FEDERATE all the actors and the administrators of the city
    • ACCOMPANY local authorities since the launch of the preliminary studies, until the delivery of the project,
    • COORDINATE the initiatives of associations and population in an approach of participation citizen,
  • Answers to the fundamental stakes in the factory of the City:
    • Assure( a TRANSVERSE PILOTING to integrate the economic, social, societal and environmental STAKES,
    • Commit an approach integrated by SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT,
    • Create some mixing so functional as social,
  • Ambitions to share with the City:
    • QUALITY OF LIFE and IMPACT STRENGTH: replace the individual in the center of the urban reflection,
    • INNOVATION: fit out by keeping the spirit open to any forms of technical, social or contractual innovations.

Eiffage Aménagement comes to feed the program of the Pulpit through the pooling of the experiences and the points of view of each to develop reflections on the jobs  and the skills of the arrangement, on the innovative urban calls for projects, on the development of very large-dimension operations, on the assembly and the management of the inheritances of the international events and on the economy and the financing of the arrangement.