Intergenerational living
for more cohesive communities

Housing can play a major role in improving living conditions and boosting community cohesion. We work together with Récipro-Cité, to find solutions to the issues of weakening social relationships, an ageing population and lower purchasing power. That is how we developed the Cocoon’Ages intergenerational residences Cocoon’Ages® intergenerational residences.
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Intergenerational living
as a response to the challenges of society

Community spirit and social relationships

Some six million people in France are socially isolated and therefore especially vulnerable to medical and psychological problems.
Cocoon’Ages® has a solution: its residences guard against isolation by encouraging relationships between neighbours and community spirit .

By 2060, the proportion of the French population aged over 85 is set to quadruple , from 1.4 to 4.8 million people.
Cocoon’Ages® has a solution: its residences offer new ways to prevent dependency, keep older people in their homes and help them maintain relationships in the community and feel useful.

Economic and financial constraints are having an increasing influence on the budgets of French households.
Cocoon’Ages® has a solution: through shared facilities and encouraging community spirit and skills swaps, it offers opportunities for savings to reduce the cost of housing..

We opened our first Cocoon'Ages intergenerational residence in Aubagne, with a successful mix of families and seniors. The aim was to keep elderly people from becoming isolated. The residence and the community are running well. The social housing provider and the council are delighted. The residents have made their building their own. We are currently building other similar residences, and more are in the pipeline.
Philippe PlazaCEO, Eiffage Immobilier

Intergenerational living

Residents and project leaders from Les Gavotines, Aubagne (Bouches-du-Rhône) tell their stories

  • People at the heart of intergenerational living

    The reason for the success of Cocoon’Ages residences is the programme of services and activities run by the Project Leader (PL). Project leaders are provided by social engineering specialist Récipro-Cité.

    The PL initiates and supports residents’ projects. They suggest and facilitate initiatives to create clubs and activities (gardening, sport, social events, skills exchanges, DIY, etc.).

    They encourage people to get together and build social relationships by helping to organise meet-ups and shared mealtimes to strengthen relationships between residents.

    To reduce service charges, the PL raises awareness among residents of how they can save energy, supports sharing and caring initiatives and organises volunteers from among the residents to help with cleaning.

    They keep an eye on elderly people and ensure they are not isolated (by tracking visits). They also act as an interface with social services and healthcare teams.

    A programme of services is available too. The Services Catalogue contains a range of options at specially negotiated rates: home-delivered meals, hairdressers, domestic cleaners, tutoring, etc.
    The community concierge offers on-demand access to services provided by businesses from the social economy.

    Intergenerational living: residents and project leaders from Les Gavotines, Aubagne (Bouches-du-Rhône) tell their stories

    Our ambition is to provide full support on a daily basis by involving residents in the running of their residence and promoting community spirit in an exemplary living environment. It’s all down to the PL. They are responsible for setting up the system and monitoring it.
    Alice Dessertine Sociologist, Récipro-Cité



    The PL’s role in an intergenerational residence is to facilitate a high-quality living environment
  • Intergenerational living: tailoring the architecture

    A Cocoon’Ages development meets the needs of local authorities. These projects are engineered in conjunction with all the stakeholders.

    Accessibility and suitability for elderly and frail people are a particular focus. Projects are located close to shops, services and transport links. Entrances, walkways and equipment are designed for people with reduced mobility.

    Welcoming shared facilities with daily activities give residents a place to gather and communicate. The versatile project room makes the ideal venue for a whole range of group activities (meals, evening events, games, fitness sessions, a multi-media library, workshops, etc.). The shared kitchen is the perfect place to get together over a coffee or a meal.

    Ergonomically designed housing that is comfortable and stigma-free encourages the different generations to socialise.

    Optional equipment can be added for those who are elderly or frail.

    In the intergenerational living residence, shared facilities such as the kitchen encourage residents to spend time together


  • Smartseille Cocoon’Ages Residence

    94 intergenerational housing units with Logis MéditerranéeÉcoquartier Smartseille - Îlot D - Marseille (Bouche-du-Rhône)
  • Les Gavotines Cocoon’Ages Residence

    79 intergenerational social housing units built for 13 Habitat: a four storey-building (floor area 4,800 sqm), a 32-place day nursery and a 60 sqm project roomAubagne (Bouches-du-Rhône)
  • Cocoon’Ages Residence Guyancourt

    84 intergenerational social housing units in two 4-storey buildings (floor area 5,370 sqm) for France HabitationGuyancourt (Yvelines) - Quartier Maillet