Experts in multifaceted property development

As a leading property developer, we develop a comprehensive and diversified range of complex projects on a bespoke basis, tailoring them to the needs of our clients and the end users.

Multifaceted property development

We are a preferred partner of local authorities in France and across Europe for urban planning, and of social housing providers looking to develop their housing stock.

We are also a high-profile property developer working in the fields of housing and serviced residences, hotels, commercial property and urban planning for retail.

We provide an A-to-Z service. Our service encompasses everything from project commissioning assistance through to the turnkey delivery of complex projects, as well as the construction of residences of all types, tailored to a wide variety of usages and local area contexts.

We are a client-centric business. We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer our clients at each stage of their project. This extends right through from finding a plot and designing the building to construction and delivery.


Property developer, builder
and much more

Over the years, we have built up a unique business model as a builder and property developer. We are proud of this dual expertise, and it gives us a competitive advantage.
Eiffage Immobilier is more than just a property developer. We are part of Eiffage group. Property is one of the Group’s eight businesses, alongside construction, urban planning, roads, civil engineering, metallic construction, energy systems and concessions.

We leverage the Group’s savoir-faire and work closely with experts from across the spectrum – particularly at Eiffage Construction – to increase the value we add for our clients and enhance the performance of our products. These synergies also equip us to manage project complexity, whatever the scale, in smarter, more innovative ways.

With the support of Eiffage group, we are ideally placed to meet the many challenges of sustainable cities, such as urban planning, architecture, living and working environments, communities and our planet. We bring to the table a competitive business, a sustainable approach and a focus on client and partner satisfaction. 


Expertise spanning the entire property development value chain

Our expertise spans building projects of all types:

  • we originate and develop projects, creating multiple land investment opportunities which resonate with the property market’s expectations and needs;
  • we are experts in developing mixed use building projects (housing, serviced residences, hotels, office buildings and retail outlets) and eco-neighbourhoods in both city centres and suburbs. We draw on the support of Eiffage Aménagement which has nearly 40 years experience in urban development;
  • as a property developer backed by a major building and public works group, we are ideally placed to handle the complexity of major restructuring, renovation, densification and building reconversion projects.
    For example, transforming office space into housing is a partial solution to the lack of land available in cities, and helps contain urban sprawl;
  • Through our capacity to innovate and our commitment to society, we have a head start on the changing usages that will accommodate new ways of living and working (reconfigurable housing, co-working, co-living, etc.). Our sole priority is to create cohesive communities;
  • Having taken all the lessons of the climate crisis to heart, we prioritise energy efficiency and low-carbon building.

Key figures for 2021

  • 400 staff
  • €1,106m in turnover
  • 4,000 units reserved
  • 6,350 housing units delivered
  • 70 residences marketed each year
  • 1,200,000 sqm of land in the planning stage (900,000 sqm currently being developed)
  • 230,000 sqm of commercial property under development or construction
  • Nearly 900 hotel rooms under development or construction