New usages,
new services

As society and individuals move forward, their needs change. Our role is to constantly find ways to improve quality of life. Find out more about the innovations that are making a difference, both now and in the buildings of the future.

Local services and social events

The concierge offers a range of services for local residents.

In eco-neighbourhoods like Smartseille, the pilot for smart cities as created by Eiffage Immobilier, or Seine-Ouest in Asnières (Hauts-de-Seine), created by Eiffage Aménagement, local residents have access to an e-concierge platform. It offers a wide range of services, from taking post and parcel delivery to ticket purchases and appointments with hairdressers, beauticians, garages, etc.

The concierge is on hand to organise anything the residents need and manage the dozen-strong pool of electric cars provided for their use. Do you have an event to organise in the versatile, multi-use venue? Contact the concierge, or book online.

The concierge service is more than just a platform. It’s also a physical place for residents to get together and socialise. Local people head for the concierge’s office for the French national Neighbours’ Day or to find someone to help them out with gardening, energy coaching, childcare or tutoring.

Optimising the space taken up by cars in our cities

With shared parking, cars take up less space in cities

The traditional “one parking space per car” model is no longer the only way to manage car parking. At Smartseille, we have created a shared car park.

The 630 spaces are used by local residents, hotel guests and people working in the area. As one car leaves, another arrives to take its place.
Occupancy is optimised. Spaces are never physically reserved, but drivers know they will always be able to park.

What are the benefits of the shared car park? In this new district of Marseille, it has improved the balance between the supply of and demand for car parking spaces. The area dedicated to cars has been reduced, which optimises construction costs and frees up space.

Moving in, without the hassle!

L'Atelier by Eiffage: a palette of services to take the hassle out of moving in

Moving into a new home is a stressful business. There is so much to do on top of the physical moving process – fit the kitchen, put in cupboards, decorate, have the electricity and water connected, and much more. -

To make moving in easier, we have created a new service: l’Atelier by Eiffage. A manager will work with you on a daily basis, offering help and advice to take the stress out of moving by:

  • welcoming you on arrival;
  • advising on DIY;
  • installing the various things you need;
  • looking after your keys;
  • lending you equipment;
  • loaning you 4G dongles;
  • recycling your furniture and old white goods;
  • taking in deliveries for you;
  • managing skips.

Move in without the hassle with l'Atelier by Eiffage

L’Atelier by Eiffage is a local service to help new residents as they move in, for example by offering advice, loaning equipment and 4G dongles and doing minor jobs. The service was created by Eiffage as part of the #immo-inno challenge.