From budget hotels
to prestige tourism

France is the world’s leading tourist destination. The country’s hotel market is booming, buoyed in particular by strong demand for business travel. We ensure our services mirror the rapid changes in the sector.
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Hotels: property development for a changing sector

Destination hotels

Over the last few years, the globalisation of the tourism sector and technology has completely changed the way we book hotel accommodation.

Traditional hotels are facing a new type of competition. Short-term rental websites have soared to prominence. These new online rental platforms are disrupting the hotel market.

Innovative services have made visitors even more demanding.

  • They want good deals,
  • more freedom
  • and bespoke experiences.
We constantly update the way we plan our developments: today’s hoteliers want us to build their hotels as destinations in their own right, interfaced with the city.

These hotels offer attractive facilities (restaurant, bar, coworking space, gym, etc.) and flexible venues (accommodation/office and multimodal room), coupled with a modern digital experience.

Traditional hotels have been experiencing a revival over the last few years, as new operators have swept away the old ideas. Investors are highly enthusiastic about these products. They see them as a way of diversifying their portfolios and securing an attractive return on their investment. We mirror this trend in our strategy by creating bespoke projects in response to our clients’ and partners’ specifications.
Vincent Thibault Hotel Relations Director

Eiffage: over 20 years' experience in the hotel sector

With two decades of experience in the sector, we are a preferred partner for hotel groups and investor operators across Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Portugal).

Our references include many international hotel chains: AccorHotels, Louvre Hotels, Marriott, Hilton, ISG Hotel and B&B Hotels. As a co-designer of turnkey hotel projects, we understand exactly what they need and want.

We use our knowledge of the market, its operators and sustainable construction to add value for our clients. We bring to all our projects, new-builds and renovations alike, the same level of expertise and commitment to quality, whatever the location and market segment.

In particular, we have several major clients in the attractive luxury hotels sector, where projects combine heritage architecture and properties, French style and contemporary design.

Some of our leading flagship mixed used building and urban planning projects are hotels.

Eiffage Immobilier handles both new-build and renovation hotel projects


  • Intercontinental Lyon Hôtel-Dieu

    Intercontinental Lyon Hôtel-Dieu

    Within a historic building in Lyon city centre: five-star hotel with 144 rooms and suites, 100-seater restaurant, bar and convention centre with a capacity of 450.Lyon (Rhône)
  • Hilton Inn Garden Bordeaux Centre

    Hilton Inn Garden Bordeaux Centre

    Four-star hotel with 166 rooms and 17 deluxe suites, four seminar rooms and restaurant-café.Bordeaux (Gironde)
  • Mama Shelter

    Mama Shelter

    A renovated former theatre: three-star 120-room hotel, 300-seater restaurant, rooftop bar, meeting rooms and cinema.Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)
  • Roissy Pôle hotel complex

    Roissy Pôle hotel complex

    Four-star Pullman hotel with 305 rooms and three-star Ibis hotel with 308 rooms, 116-seater restaurant with terrace, lobby bar, lounge area and business suite of 13 flexible rooms.Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis)