Our French subsidiaries are affiliated to Eiffage Construction’s ten regional branches. The business as a whole is coordinated by our CEO, Philippe Plaza. Our European subsidiaries operate on the same model, on the scale of the individual country.

General management

  • Philippe Plaza Philippe Plaza


  • Étienne Passani Étienne Passani

    Deputy CEO and CEO Eiffage Immobilier Paris Region

  • Luc Bouvet Luc Bouvet

    Deputy CEO

Regional offices

  • Alain Argillier Alain Argillier

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Sud-Est

  • Olivier Bernard Olivier Bernard

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Paris Region

  • Frédéric Cartier Frédéric Cartier

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Paris Region

  • Edouard Dubost Edouard Dubost

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Nord-Pas-de-Calais (région Nord-Ouest)

  • Adnane El-Qotni Adnane El-Qotni

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Centre-Est

  • Gwendal Gautier Gwendal Gautier

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Grand-Ouest

  • Hervé Lapastoure Hervé Lapastoure

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Sud-Ouest

  • Eric Llamas Eric Llamas

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Est and Nord-Est

  • Laurent Régnier Laurent Régnier

    Director, Eiffage Immobilier Occitanie

European branches

  • Thierry Collard Thierry Collard

    Managing Director, Eiffage Development (Belgium)

  • Tymon Michał Nowosielski Tymon Michał Nowosielski

    Chairman, Eiffage Immobilier Poland

  • Sébastien Argoullon Sébastien Argoullon

    Director Eiffage Immobilier Portugal

  • Manfred Meury Manfred Meury

    Developement director - Eiffage Suisse

Executive officers

  • Elise Airaud Elise Airaud

    Silver economy director

  • Éric Auterbe Éric Auterbe

    Investor Relations Director

  • Nadia Kateb Nadia Kateb

    Network Provision Director

  • Éric Llamas Éric Llamas

    Retail Urban Planning Director

  • Jean-Pierre Mahé Jean-Pierre Mahé

    Social Housing Development Director