project engineering

We engineer building projects on behalf of clients looking to add value to a property or seeking a specific product. Our bespoke services cover support, design, building and guarantees.
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Project engineering: Eiffage Immobilier, the right choice

Our project engineering service supports clients through the development and building phases of their projects (without land leaseback). It delivers added value through:

  • Flexibility: support is tailored to the client’s needs and expectations.
  • A solution for all situations: We work throughout the country, thanks to our extensive network of offices, and we cover a wide variety of projects.
  • A comprehensive service: we include pre-project support (land search, architectural feasibility, etc.), market research and financial advice with all our projects, at no extra cost.
Property project engineering: Eiffage provides clients with a comprehensive solution

Choose the option that works for your project

A building project involves a wide range of different skills. This is true regardless of whether you are dealing with office and retail space, a hotel, a serviced residence, a hospital or a complex multifunctional project.

Working under a property development, project commissioning support or design-and-build contract, we:

  • offer turnkey contracts for commercial property and functional buildings (such as office space, retail units, hotels, and health centres);
  • carry out site surveys, property valuations and head office transfers;
  • bring in capability from across Eiffage group to assist private- and public-sector investors to complete their projects.
Property project engineering can be carried out under a development, project commissioning assistance or design-and-build contract.