A global vision
of property development
delivered through a local presence

We deliver our property development services through an extensive network of offices. They are in close touch with the needs and challenges of local areas. Each office in our national and European network has the expertise and savoir-faire required to manage property projects of all types: residential, commercial, retail, hotels and many more.

A major property developer with locations across France

The structure of our Group allows us to develop new neighborhoods in city centre locations

Eiffage Immobilier offices are subsidiaries of Eiffage Construction’s regional branches. Our network covers the whole country. Locations include Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille, Nancy and Nantes. We put our property development expertise to work in a long list of towns and cities across mainland France

Our nationwide structure gives us an advantage in choosing the best locations for projects. Whether new neighbourhoods or city centre locations, they offer the High Quality of Life that cements cohesive communities.

Rolling out our property development expertise across Europe

Eiffage Immobilier est présent en Belgique, au Luxembourg, en Suisse et en Pologne

Eiffage is currently reaching new markets through a policy of active expansion in Europe. It is using its property development savoir-faire – and all its other skillsets – to engage in new opportunities through local property development specialists.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Eiffage Development and Perrard Development, in association with Eiffage Benelux, are involved in numerous residential, commercial, hotel and retail projects. Across the Alps, Eiffage Switzerland provides the same services. In Eastern Europe, we operate through Eiffage Poland as Eiffage Immobilier Poland.

A dedicated task force working for investors and users

Eiffage partners with investors in the service sector and hotels

We have structured our business to meet the objectives of property investors focusing on the commercial, hotel, housing and serviced residences sectors.

The commercial property development market is driven by the Paris area. It is vital to plan ahead to meet the requirements of environmental standards and new usages.

The hotels market is being impacted by the intensification of mass tourism and the boom in community-based rental platforms. These influences are encouraging new concepts to develop.

Our specialists’ experience in these areas makes us a premium partner for investors.