Cohesive communities
a shared vision
of the future

Read more about the principles behind Eiffage Immobilier’s social responsibility policy. It is based on eco-design, inclusive, sustainable cities, community spirit, respect for people and success for all.

Sustainable property serving the needs of local authorities

Urban agriculture: example of garden tower

Sustainable construction principles form an integral part of our CSR policy. All aspects of the circular economy run through our innovations and our projects.

Right from the design phase, all stages of the product life cycle are taken into account. Major progress has been made in this area thanks to the use of Building Information Modelling.
We select our methods, materials and equipment with the utmost care. We sort waste and recycle its components. Building deconstruction and its impacts are taken into account from the drawing board onwards.

Through low-carbon building methods – combining the use of glue-laminated solid wood, very low carbon concrete and factory prefabrication – building sites are achieving carbon footprint analyses that meet and even exceed environmental standards.

To optimise energy supplies, we are making use of renewable energy, local energy loops (shared networks) and energy management technologies.

We haven’t forgotten biodiversity either: local flora and fauna feature frequently in Eiffage’s city development projects, earning us BiodiverCity® status. In parallel, we are developing urban agriculture as part of our eco-neighbourhood projects, bringing producers and consumers together to “buy local”.

Responsible property supports caring communities

Eiffage Immobilier’s work towards caring communities

Intergenerational support is of key importance in “Cohesive communities”. We teamed up with Récipro-Cité, to create the Cocoon’Ages intergenerational residence. It combines tailored architecture with a programme of services and activities, ranging from relationships with neighbours and skills swaps to in-home care.
- This type of housing helps to combat the loss of social relationships and lower purchasing power, against a backdrop of ageing populations.

As a signatory of the French Ministry for Culture and Communication’s “1 immeuble, 1 œuvre” (Art for every building charter) we are helping give as many people as possible the opportunity to live or work in contact with a work of art.
Each building or renovation project is endowed with an artistic work. This cultural initiative is for everyone; no distinctions are made. It helps improve quality of life for people living in the buildings.

We also demonstrate our commitment through our philanthropy programme. Eiffage Immobilier supports Fondation Palladio, which works to make the cities of the future sustainable, people-focused communities that add value. We also partner Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the Paris Centre for urban planning and architecture.
In addition, the programme covers other areas include heritage preservation (Inrap), education (ESTP Paris Foundation) and wildlife conservation (LPO).


Intergenerational living

Join us to learn more about the Cocoon’Ages intergenerational family home concept

A sculpture set in the garden of a residence under the “Art for every building” charter

Art for every building: “Daydreaming of a better world”, bronze by Yvonne Clergerie

The building sector’s contribution to inclusive cities

Eiffage gets involved in disability sport

Eiffage Immobilier works to promote access to employment and job security:

  • through the Eiffage Foundation, which organises community outreach projects backed by current and retired staff;
  • by participating in regional business clubs that partner access to employment (Crepi) or working with charities such as RéaVie or with the French agency for access to employment (Epide) to help people without stable jobs back into long-term employment.
  • by signing the French Ministry for Urban Affairs, Youth and Sport’s Performance Pact and undertaking to recruit elite sportspeople and train them for new careers.

Through these schemes, our staff are involved in initiatives spanning recruitment, awareness-raising, training, support, financing, community initiatives and more.



RéaVie is a charity that works to promote the circular economy within the building sector, and help people back into work.

The building sector puts its values into practice

Leading by example, responsibility, trust, transparency, lucidity, courage and pugnacity are Eiffage’s company values. They cement the Eiffage culture and fuel engagement, day in, day out.

Employee share ownership is a pillar of our company’s corporate culture, and another feature of our CSR policy. With over 70% of our staff now shareholders, we have the highest employee shareholding of any French company (17.6%).

As regards health and safety, all our staff are committed to flagging at-risk situations, complying with operating procedures, spreading best practice and guarding against psychosocial risks. Aim: to manage 100% of risks.

We are also committed to gender balance, in terms of remuneration, bonuses and promotion.