Our contributions to the cities of the future

How can we shape sustainable cities and cohesive communities? We can start by planning ahead for insulation regulations, developing low-carbon building methods and working to an uncompromising quality policy. We apply this performance contract to all our projects, and keep a constant focus on the end user.

Moving towards positive energy buildings

Energy performance is comfort

Environmental certification is one of the main criteria people consider when buying a home.

We have been awarded NF Habitat HQE™ certification for all our housing projects. It recognises energy performance that exceeds the requirements of RT 2012 by between 10% and 30%.

The investors that share our vision view third-party certification for buildings in the construction phase and in use, such as NF HQE™ Bâtiments Tertiaires and BREEAM, as essential.

In line with a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by three-quarters by 2050, we are already offering our most engaged clients passive new buildings, and we have our sights set on moving to RE 2020, for positive energy buildings (Bepos equivalents).

To prepare for this transition, we are increasingly using experimental Energy positive and carbon negative building certification (E+C-) in our programmes.

The coming of the low-carbon age

The construction sector is a major source of greenhouse gases, which are responsible for climate change.

BBCA (Low Carbon Building) certification has developed out of a commitment by the building sector to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of cities. Eiffage is a founder member of the BBCA association.

We have recently built France’s first timber-framed high-rise building, Hypérion, with Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture and Woodeum (AMOA). Hypérion is 57 metres high with 16 floors and 7,000 sqm of floor space. It is THE benchmark in BBCA tall buildings.

With 1,400 cubic metres of cross-laminated timber and laminated veneer lumber it is capable of storing 1,000 tonnes of CO2. That is equivalent to nine years of carbon emissions for a typical building of its size.

The construction modules are prefabricated in the factory using organically sourced recyclable wood. The process and material have been selected to maximise comfort in use and quality of life, accelerate the building process and require six times fewer truck runs.

The development of this method of construction forms part of a strategy. The Sekoya carbon and climate platform is an Eiffage initiative to create a “low-carbon industry club” bringing together all the companies offering technical low-carbon solutions.


Hypérion timber high-rise building

Hypérion, France’s first timber high-rise housing block stands proudly in the centre of Bordeaux, close to Saint-Jean station and the future high-speed rail station.

Committed to improving quality of life

Eiffage Immobilier makes 10 firm commitments to customer satisfaction

Property development is changing to become more client-centric. Places to live, places to work – we support people who are looking for a better living environment and offer them new services.

Because becoming a home-owner is so many people’s number one priority, we work to a ten-point client satisfaction charter. Our commitments include supporting buyers, personalising housing, delivering technical quality and aesthetics and achieving lead times. These guarantees, and many others, make for a smooth purchasing experience and peace of mind.

ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our dedication to our clients in our regions. ISO 14001 certification is proof once again of our commitments – this time to the environment.

Key figures
  • 93%

    of clients say their home meets specifications

  • 93%

    of clients were happy with the service from the sales office

  • 7 in 10 buyers

    were satisfied with the advice provided during the purchasing process