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In order to lead, produce, sale, transport and manage, businesses choose us as the perfect partner for their property design and building projects: office space, shopping centres, retail units, logistics and industrial platforms and more.
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520,000 sqm

of service-sector properties currently under development or under construction

  • Bringing sustainability and performance to office space

    At Eiffage Immobilier, quality in use is our constant focus. This means our priorities are perfectly aligned with the needs of investors, who look to a service-sector property as a profitable asset with potential for capital growth.

    We make service-sector property meaningful and give it the capacity to add value. Here’s how:

    • We design your office space with new usages in mind (co-working, flex office, services, etc.) so that it remains attractive to businesses in the long term. Workspaces are flexible and user-friendly. All areas are fully connected.
    • To make them future-proof, we ensure our office buildings meet the most stringent current and planned environmental standards and quality labels: (HQE™ environmental quality, BREEAM®, LEED®, E+C-, BBCA, etc.). Laws already in place will impose drastic cuts in energy consumption in the future: 40% in 2020, 50% in 2040 and 60% in 2060!

      On the sustainability front, we also consider user well-being (interior fit-out, relaxation areas, sports facilities, air quality, etc.) and make provision for climate change.
    • It is vital to locate office buildings in high-potential business districts. They need to be within easy reach of transport links, road networks, shops and public facilities.
    • Office space architecture poses a unique challenge. It needs to be functional for users and safeguard the environment. Working with well-known architects makes a real difference in terms of quality, performance and image.

    We support businesses undertaking new-build and complete restructure office space projects, from the legal and financial arrangements and building design phases onwards.

    To meet the needs of all our clients as closely as possible, we offer a variety of arrangements:

    • off-plan;
    • property development contract;
    • project commissioning;
    • project commissioning support;
    • etc.
    An Eiffage Immobilier office building is an attractive asset
  • An all-new retail experience

    Today’s consumers do more and more of their window-shopping online.

    What does this mean for retailers? As footfall plummets, traditional stores need to innovate to survive.

    From single retail units on the ground floor of apartment buildings to shopping centres, we offer a comprehensive and original range of solutions to overhaul the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience.

    We use architectural design to give shopping centres a different vibe. We choose materials that lend a more natural feel, such as wood, brick and natural stone. We then add open areas, wide malls, living walls, fountains, atria and patios to create a destination that extends the shopping centre’s catchment area.

    To help retail parks draw in more shoppers, we also focus on the food and drink offerings, events, and connected and interactive services.

    These new shopping centres meet two of the challenges of today’s cities: they breathe life back into high streets and give peri-urban areas fresh purpose with new retail parks.

    With our local presence and our expertise, we are ideally placed to manage all the local specificities of your project: urban planning, economic considerations, the environment, etc.

    Numerous local authorities and top-name retailers entrust their projects to us, both mixed use buildings (with retail outlets, housing, office space, etc.) and shopping centre planning.

    Adding retail space on the ground floor of apartment buildings revitalises city centres
  • Logistics facilities tailored to each individual strategy

    Attention tends to be focused on city centres. At Eiffage Immobilier, we understand that retail park aesthetics and the way major facilities fit into the landscape are important too!

    Elected officials, local people and businesses often have diverging views of logistics platforms, urban layout, business premises and production facilities.

    While the industrial constraints of the supply chain are important, access to a range of transport options (road, rail, river and air) remains vital.

    Siting facilities close to population centres, production zones and maritime ports helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    The fundamental priorities for any project today include architectural research, materials quality, energy optimisation and meeting the latest environmental standards.

    Logistics platform: flexible interiors are a major asset


  • Sébastopol building

    Sébastopol building’s European client relations centre, a four-storey office building (8,000 sqm) with 900 desks, and shops and services on the ground floor.Tourcoing (Nord)
  • CityLife building

    CityLife building

    Eight-storey office building (total floor area 21,150 sqm), 196 parking spaces on three levels, HQE environmental quality standard “Excellent” passport, BREEAM “Excellent” rating and BBC-effinergie certification.Nanterre - La Défense Seine Arche (Hauts-de-Seine)
  • Orange regional headquarters, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

    Flexible six-storey office building (total floor area 19,000 sqm) with 1,200 desks, HQE service sector environmental quality standard certification and Effinergie+ certificationVilleneuve-d’Ascq (Nord)