Innovation culture

To create the best possible range of solutions, we organise staff challenges. They take the form of Eiffage-backed innovation labs. Participative innovation is a way of constantly improving our responses to our clients’ needs, by creating packaged solutions that can be brought to the market rapidly.

Imagine the housing of the future

Participants in the Eiffage challenge workshop #Immo-Inno

How can we improve client experiences in the housing of the future? How can we create value for users? As part of the #Immo-Inno challenge, Eiffage’s "intrapreneurs" answered these questions with innovative ways to create cohesive communities and offer new services.

We called on Eiffage group’s ideas platform in the ideation phase to select the six teams for the final, after a competition lasting nine months during which 262 ideas were suggested.

From the idea to the concept! Three winning projects were selected to be developed through to the marketing phase:

  • an ultra-compact, reconfigurable apartment concept;
  • a residence designed to minimise service fees;
  • L’Atelier by Eiffage, a service to help new home owners with everything from their choice of removal company through to all the little jobs that crop up during the moving process.

The #immo-inno challenge

The #immo-inno challenge offers all Eiffage staff the opportunity to build innovative solutions themselves.

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Using VR to reinvent new build homes

New home buyers taking an immersive VR tour

Our plans for immersive virtual reality received a boost during the “Target: 100% VR visits for our housing units” innovation challenge, also hosted on the Eiffage platform.

To move from the prototype stage through to offering VR visits in all our sales offices, staff proposed a range of ways to develop the process on a large scale using building information modelling (BIM). The project also had a second priority, to improve the user experience.

Eiffage is now operating a unique fully immersive experience in a virtual show-room as part of the LaVallée – Chatenay-Malabry project.

Not only can the client “physically” explore the inside of their future home and the surrounding neighbourhood, they can also choose their own fixtures and fittings from the range offered.


New-generation property showroom

Thanks to virtual reality, Eiffage Immobilier clients can explore and personalise their new homes

Bringing smart and connected housing to the market


People in France are increasingly equipping their homes with automation solutions. We aim to make homes more comfortable and safer to live in by delivering turnkey connected properties.

Home-owners can manage their heating, lighting, shutters, alarm and energy consumption from a mobile application.

Managing innovation is in the Eiffage genes

True to the Group’s policy of not only meeting the needs of our clients and end users but actually staying one step ahead of them, we nurture and bring to the market a large number of innovative projects. As we have seen, the Eiffage is a precious tool for incubating the innovations that germinate in the minds of our teams.

Innovation is not an end in itself. We use it to create new markets and expand our range of solutions. To help innovative concepts reach the market, Eiffage is prepared to offer the selected projects 50% financing through the Seed’innov investment fund.

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