Re-energise local areas

We construct eco-neighbourhoods and mixed-use building projects. The wide range of usages represented by these programmes boosts economic and social development in the neighbourhoods. We work in synergy with Eiffage Aménagement and Eiffage’s sustainable city specialists. Our unique builder-planner-developer model is our greatest asset.
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Our role: give the city a new lease of life

Improving quality of life

We add value for cities by using building design to renew urban landscapes and the living environment they offer. To help local authorities make their neighbourhoods attractive, we ensure our mixed use buildings set the standards:

  • Economic development: hotels, offices and retail units (ground-floor retail space and supermarkets) generate jobs and footfall, as do our return-to-work schemes.

  • Social diversity: with home ownership housing, social housing and capped-rent housing, we cater to the needs of each and every family.

  • Architecture and heritage ambitions: we bring in leading architects to work with us on our developments. Together, we consider the heritage potential of each and every project.

  • Environmental aspirations: our innovations to safeguard the environment are regularly tested and approved in the field. We work constantly to make the Eiffage vision of sustainable cities reality.
  • Our integrated builder-planner-developer model facilitates this type of urban renewal project.

    We have the skills to manage large-scale projects from start to finish, in constant consultation with elected officials. All developments are private-public partnerships.

    Whether we run the project entirely or support it, specific economic, social and environmental expectations are set for each “section of the city”.


  • Village des athlètes et para-athlètes

    Sur 58 000 m² de surface de plancher : 40 000 m² de logements sont réservés aux athlètes pendant les jeux olympiques et deviendront ensuite des logements familiaux ou étudiants ; 13 000 m² de bureaux ; 5 000 m² de commerces et activités en pieds d'immeubles.Saint-Ouen (93) Découvrir la réalisation
  • Nogent Baltard business zone

    7,400 sqm of office space in three buildings; 146 housing units in three buildings; 1,500 sqm of retail space; 1,900 sqm of transport authority workshops; 600 parking spaces.Nogent-sur-Marne (Val de Marne)
  • Hypérion timber high-rise building

    An eighteen-storey apartment block with 176 housing units and a nine-storey office buildingBordeaux (Gironde)
  • Smartseille eco-neighbourhood

    58,000 sqm of housing, office space and facilities; 3,000 sqm of retail space; intergenerational residence; hotel; school; shared parking.Marseille 15th district (Bouches-du-Rhône)
  • Refurbishment of the Jourdan-Corentin-Issoire workshop

    Refurbishment of the Jourdan-Corentin-Issoire workshop

    660 social, private and student housing units built on 2 hectares of land above the modernised Paris transport authority bus depot.Paris 14th district (Paris)
  • Renovation of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon

    The largest private reconversion project of a historic monument in FranceLyon (Rhône)