Eiffage Immobilier and COFFIM deliver the first housing of the SERAP project in Bagnolet

Eiffage Immobilier and COFFIM deliver the first housing of the SERAP project in Bagnolet

Eiffage Immobilier and COFFIM have started the delivery of the SERAP project, located Porte de Bagnolet, at the gates of Paris. This urban redevelopment operation includes more than 1,000 dwellings spread over six buildings, 1,000 m2 of shops at the foot of a building and a pedestrian mail.

After ten years of development, Eiffage Immobilier and COFFIM have started the delivery of the SERAP project, Porte de Bagnolet, which will last until next summer.

Because of its programmatic diversity (social and private student residences, social housing, intermediate housing, access housing and businesses), this 40,000 m2 SDP operation brings a new breath of diversity and life to a neighbourhood that is now open and open on Jean Moulin Park, the only park in Île-de-France classified as Natura 2000.

The verticality of buildings at the centre of the reflections
Designed by the architectural firm MPA, the project develops three units built around two "empty" spaces, corresponding to an interior street: a visual and pedestrian breakthrough that connects the Avenue du Général de Gaulle to the entrance of the Jean Moulin Park on the Rue Robespierre side, and a raised pedestrian mail dedicated to residents and residents.

To treat the verticality of buildings, ranging from R+11 to R+16, repetitions, shifts and other overlays have been imagined, via the numerous private outdoor spaces that make up the residences. We find curved perimeter balconies on the houses in access, shifted right balconies on the social housing and spinning balconies on a part of the student residences. The facades dressed in coatings, concrete paint and different types of cladding give each building a unique identity. These elements thus make the whole composition coherent through links of scale, colours and materials.

Particular attention has been paid to the ground plan in order to minimise the vis-à-vis the apartments thanks to diagonal views. All access and social housing is bi-oriented to benefit from optimal exposure and the best possible prospects.

A sustainable project, including social diversity and innovation
The program complies with the RT 2012 regulations and integrates the Habitat & Environment environmental approach as well as the NF Habitat certification for social housing.

"We focused on taking advantage of the ecological potential of the plot by opening the ground to landscaped areas and bringing planted space to most of the project’s horizontal surfaces (soil, terraces, roofs). These spaces contribute to the spread of the biodiversity of Jean Moulin Park as architecture will create the urban link and a new social impetus,” explains Christian Marina, founder of the architectural firm MPA. COFFIM and Eiffage Immobilier are part of this dynamic to imagine an urban redevelopment operation in the broad sense, at all levels: from the apartment to the neighborhood, from shops to public transport access.

With two student residences presenting a mixed programming (one social and private, managed by Réside Etudes, and the other private, managed by KLEY), housing in classical access eligible VAT 5.5%, social housing (acquired by 3F) and dwellings in intermediate access (acquired by IN'LI and 3F), the SERAP project is also illustrated by the diversity of its typologies, from studio to 5-room duplex. The apartments have all been marketed.

“LINE”, the building that includes homes under accession, incorporates SmartHab innovation, which makes it possible to control your home on site or remotely and to control all connected devices from your smartphone.

“The delivery of this large-scale operation is the culmination of a decade-long relationship between the city of Bagnolet, the Groupement Eiffage Immobilier – Coffim, and the firm of Architect MPA,” says Philippe Plaza – Chief Executive Officer Eiffage Immobilier. “ This operation, which reflects the know-how of Eiffage Construction, perfectly meets the challenges of the Sustainable City».

The outcome of this large-scale project is a source of pride for us, says Thibault Dutreix, Chief Executive Officer of the COFFIM Group. It is a perfect symbol of our strong ambitions for environmental and societal leadership.”