Eiffage Immobilier delivers Cœur Atlantis, a residence of 196 homes in Massy (91)

Eiffage Immobilier delivers Cœur Atlantis, a residence of 196 homes in Massy (91)

Eiffage Immobilier is delivering 196 homes in the heart of the Atlantis ZAC (managed by Paris Sud Aménagement) in Massy, confirming its commitment to the dynamic transformation of the Essonne region as part of the Greater Paris project. A successful example of urban diversity, the Atlantis district, which is both dense and airy, brings together housing, green spaces, crèches, schools, public facilities, offices and shops to create a rich and lively environment.

Cœur Atlantis consists of 196 homes (including 176 for sale to the general public and 20 for intermediate rental housing sold to CDC Habitat), as well as two shops at the foot of the buildings (a restaurant and a business premises) spread over a surface area of more than 22,670 sq. m. on the ground floor.

This residence, with its contemporary architecture dominated by gold and charcoal grey colours, is characterised by generous outdoor spaces and a large central area with green spaces consisting of planted squares, spaces and tree-lined paths.

Designed with quality in mind, the project has been awarded the RT 2012 -10% label and the NF HABITAT HQE label, a guarantee of the quality of the homes' performance.

The city of tomorrow is also a city in which its inhabitants communicate, evolve and share the same heritage and history. This is why Eiffage Immobilier, a signatory of the 1immeuble 1oeuvre charter in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, has decided to place art at the heart of Atlantis with the work "Le gardien 2022" (The Guardian 2022), created by the artist Nicolas Dubreuille.

"For this sculpture, "The Guardian", I wanted a presence in the common place that is the garden. It is in this space of life, of passage where exchanges between the residents can take place, that the sculpture will find its place. It is a company and also a den. It is present at all times of the day, and is an integral part of daily life. The sculpture had to be modern, abstract, architectural in shape, taking on the spirit of the surrounding buildings through its angular and more rounded construction. I hope that this guardian will serve as a gathering place, that the residents will adopt it and that it will constitute a common link between all the people living in the vicinity" Nicolas Dubreuille, artist