Eiffage Immobilier et Qualité de Vie Promotion officially launches work on the new Newquay district of Dinard

Eiffage Immobilier et Qualité de Vie Promotion officially launches work on the new Newquay district of Dinard

On September 12, Eiffage Immobilier and Qualité de Vie Promotion laid the foundation stone for the future Newquay district in Dinard. This large-scale project will reorganize the city around a living center where the residential, commercial and cultural dimensions will create the link between the sea side and the inland. Eiffage Construction mobilizes all its skills for the realization of this new piece of city.

Eiffage Immobilier Grand-Ouest and Quality of Life Promotion will give new life to the 42,771 m² land freed by the former Dinard station. On the edge of the historic and seaside centre, this ambitious program includes the realization of 617 housing units with car parks, including a residence services seniors of 117 lots, public parking, as well as 3,500 m² entirely dedicated to local shops.
Designed by international architect Ricardo Bofill, partner at the firm Clénet Brosset BNR, this new district makes the most of outdoor facilities accessible to the public.
The first phase of the project (cultural centre) will include:

  • Residence services seniors of 117 apartments operated by Domitys. Residents will benefit from an indoor pool, restaurant and personal services. The building is currently under construction,
  • 65 collective dwellings from Q1 to Q5,
  • 172 private parking spaces in the basement and 31 air parks for visitors and commuters.

The second phase (garden park) will see the construction of 255 collective dwellings (including 6 collectives of 27 dwellings) and the creation of 322 private parking spaces in the basement and 69 aerial parking spaces.
Finally, the third phase (commercial square) will be dedicated to shops with the creation of 3,500 m² of commercial areas distributed between a food sign and building floor shops around the square. In parallel, 178 collective dwellings will be built with 212 private parking spaces in the basement, as well as public parking.
The works, entrusted to Eiffage Construction Ille and Vilaine, began in March 2019 for a provisional delivery in spring 2021. The operation, carried out in several phases, will mobilize nearly 120 companions at the peak of the activity.
With this project, Eiffage Construction confirms its expertise in the management of major projects and will pay particular attention to the project by:

  • experienced supervision,
  • careful preparation of the site with its subcontractor partners,
  • a rigorous marking of the work site, indispensable for a work of such magnitude.

Personalities present at the event:

  • Vincent Lagoguey, Sub-Prefect,
  • Jean-Claude Mahé, Mayor of Dinard,
  • Alain Launay, President of Communauté de Communes de la Côte d’Emeraude,
  • Alain Riguidel, director of Eiffage Immobilier Grand Ouest, 
  • Pascal Vaché, director of Eiffage Construction Bretagne,
  • Gwenaël André, director of Qualité de Vie Promotion,
  • Jean-Dominique Fagniot, promotion director OUEST ÆGIDE,
  • Ana Manzanares Moret, Architect of Bofill Agency,
  • Philippe Clenet, Architect BNR Agency.