Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the first Cocoon'Âges residence in the Centre-Est region in Clermont-Ferrand

Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the first Cocoon'Âges residence in the Centre-Est region in Clermont-Ferrand

The first Cocoon'Âges residence in the Centre-Est region was officially inaugurated on 6 November in the district of «La Grande Plaine» north of Clermont-Ferrand. In the presence of many personalities, the inauguration was the opportunity to visit the residence and its shared garden, the Maison des Projets, an apartment of Auvergne Habitat but also, to discover the name of the residence chosen by the owners and tenants inhabitants: Passionata.
This intergenerational residence is the 3rd Cocoon'Âges operation to be launched after the residences of Aubagne and Marseille.

The residence Cocoon’Âges of Clermont-Ferrand of 3,500 m², located in the heart of the new nature district of «La Grande Plaine», aims to develop a serene and friendly residence life where generations can share common activities and “to live together”. This residence welcomes on the ground floor, a "Maison des Projets", real nerve point of the residence to meet, share, discuss, cook, and outside, a garden shared by the inhabitants...
This residence has 45 dwellings from T2 to T4 labeled RT 2012 and certified NF Habitat. 10 housing units have been proposed for home ownership and 35 are dedicated to Auvergne Habitat, social backer of the Greater Montreal area.

The concept of intergenerational residences Cocoon'Ages, created in partnership with the social engineering company Récipro-Cité, confirms the relevance of its model with about thirty operations in assembly and development.
Habitat is clearly seen as a major lever for improving a new quality of life for “better living together”. The association of a manufacturer/promoter and a committed manager forms a solid partnership in response to the issues presented, which are often closely related.


As part of the Charter, «1 building, 1 work», the artist Barbara Mouton was selected to create a work that dresses the "Maison des Projets" of the residence. The painting the artist created for this meeting place is colourful and joyful, mixing generations in a nurturing garden. The artist took pleasure in simply telling small slices of life, of games. She hoped that this work would participate aesthetically in the pleasure of living together in this place and that young and old could recognize each other.

Personalities present:

  • Luc Vergonjeanne, Regional Director of Eiffage Immobilier Centre-Est,
  • Olivier Bianchi, Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand and President of the Metropolis,
  • Serge Le Boulch, Director General of Récipro-Cité,
  • Philippe Bayssade, Director General of Auvergne Habitat,
  • Jean-Paul Cristina, Architect,
  • Barbara Mouton, Painter.