In Clichy, Eiffage Immobilier delivers the "OPUS ONE" programme and the "Reset" work as part of 1 building, 1 artwork

In Clichy, Eiffage Immobilier delivers the

"OPUS ONE", a name that was not chosen by chance: in Latin, "Opus" means a piece in a composer's complete works. A fine name for this 130-unit programme that has just been delivered and which houses "Reset", a sculpture created by the artist Pascal Noël and installed as part of the "1 building, 1 artwork" charter.

Ideally located just a few steps from the RER station and the future metro station of line 14 "Clichy-Saint-Ouen", the programme takes place in the heart of a dynamic environment where all the services are present: a crèche, a school, local shops, cultural, sports and health facilities.

Spread over four buildings set around a beautifully landscaped area and including an aromatic garden, the residence rises to the eighth floor and offers flat roofs with a 360-degree view of Paris and the surrounding area. Designed by the Cédric Vigneron agency, the project features red brick and stone facades, giving the complex a modern look that is integrated into the surrounding area.

The programme, carried out by our Eiffage Construction Habitat teams, was delivered at the beginning of the year. The housing units are being acquired or are intended for social landlords INLI (12 units), AMUNDI (23 units) and HAUTS-DE-SEINE HABITAT (50 units). Certified NF Habitat Excellent, they offer good energy and environmental performance.

Included in the "1 building, 1 artwork" charter that we signed with the French Ministry of Culture, the programme includes Pascal Noël's "Reset", which describes his creative intention:
"The technological advances of the 20th century, in the service of a "better future" have seen the development of communications between people: infrastructures, aerial lines, the Internet, satellite waves... This network constitutes an increasingly dense network, which encloses our earth in a straitjacket of flows, like a cage with reinforced bars, around our planet.
But aren't the links between life and the future elsewhere?
As the straitjacket thickens ever more outwardly, couldn't it be broken to open up and release other values?
This project refers to bringing people closer together. It is fantastic to be able to communicate with the other side of the earth, but it is also essential to listen to our closest neighbours and to know how to cultivate our human links in a more attentive and sensitive way."

Congratulations to all the teams at Eiffage Immobilier and Eiffage Construction for the delivery of this beautiful project, and thanks to our partners: Cédric VIGNERON, PRISME INGENERIE, AGENCE AYRAUD, Neveux Rouyer, ID BATI, Bureau Veritas, OTCC.