In Toulouse, Eiffage Immobilier brings out "Emergence", a new 11,000sqm mixed-use project

In Toulouse, Eiffage Immobilier brings out

Our Eiffage Immobilier teams have just delivered the order of service for the "Emergence" mixed-use property development at La Cartoucherie in Toulouse. Eiffage Construction, which is carrying out the work in accordance with our unique builder-developer model, has already started work on the project, which should be completed by the end of 2023.

The 11,000 sqm, 8-storey building is the result of a competition launched by Toulouse City Council on a plot of land near the Toulouse Zenith. It meets the public service and community interest needs of the district. It will consist of :
- 3 higher education establishments, including the Ionis group, totalling 6,600 sqm,
- A restaurant,
- A residence dedicated to young professionals with 87 units,
- 18 free housing units at controlled prices. Designed by the EMaa - Espagno Milani Architectes Associés agency, its exterior architecture evokes two "emergences" in the form of an exoskeleton of bricks on a common base. The housing units have been awarded the NF Habitat HQE label, guaranteeing them energy and environmental performance and ensuring the well-being of future residents.

Congratulations to the teams for this new contract, and thanks to our partners:
- EMO: EMaa - Espagno Milani Architectes Associés
- Structural design: Bernadberoy
- HVAC contractor: Artelia
- Electrical and VRD design: Setes
- Technical control and SPS: Véritas
- Acoustics: Delhom Acoustique