In Tours, discover the mixed-use project located in rue Nationale delivered by Eiffage Immobilier

In Tours, discover the mixed-use project located in rue Nationale delivered by Eiffage Immobilier

The project presented by our Eiffage Immobilier 's teams was developed following a call for projects launched by the city of Tours to upgrade the historic city entrance. The development operation, led by the SET, includes two luxury hotels - operated by the Hilton franchise and acquired by SCI Tours Nationale Hôtel (CDC, Crédit Agricole, Hercacles Développement and then ALTIXIA, NAOS Hôtel Groupe) - and shops - acquired by SCI Tours Nationale Commerces (Hercacles Commerces). The rehabilitation of an office building - 21 flats (Horizon Loire co-ownership) and the construction of 15 co-ownership flats complete the programme (Résidence Signature).

Located in the historic city on either side of the Rue Nationale and in the PSMV (conservation and enhancement plan) sector, the three simultaneous construction sites had to preserve and respect the architecture of the surrounding buildings: in particular the Historic Monument of the Musée du Vin, which is semi-buried under the project, and the neighbouring Musée du Compagnonnage.

The nearly 12,000sqm project was designed by the Arte Charpentier - Andrew Hobson agency, strongly inspired by the site and the work of Pierre Patou, architect of the reconstruction of Tours in 1949. Attractive facades in stapled stone from local quarries and silk-screen printing on extra-clear glass and metal cladding to play with the reflections of the Loire were chosen for the exterior, while contemporary architecture adorns the interior of the buildings.

To the east of Rue Nationale, a new building of nearly 5,000 sqm with E+C- level E2C1 certification includes a 71-room 3-star Hampton hotel with a restaurant and a ground floor restaurant area, commercial areas, the new entrance to the Musée du compagnonnage and the 15 flats of the Résidence Signature. 

To the west of Rue Nationale, a new building of more than 6,000 sq.m. with an E+C- level E3C1 label consists of a 4* Garden Inn hotel with 100 rooms, a restaurant, reception, fitness room and commercial areas. On Place Anatole France, a renovated building of more than 2,000 sqm, 600 sqm devoted to seminar rooms and a restaurant, and 1,400 sqm for the Horizon Loire residence with 21 flats complete the operation.

The project was carried out in synergy with Eiffage Energie Systèmes, which carried out the electrical work in the west, and Eiffage Route, which carried out part of the roadworks.

Congratulations to our teams - 200 workers at the top of their game - for this beautiful delivery that enhances the entrance to the city of Tours, and thanks to our partners:
- Land seller: SET - developer.
- Hotel buyer: SCI Tours Nationale Hôtel (CDC, Crédit Agricole, Hercacles Développement then ALTIXIA, NAOS Hôtel Groupe),
- Operator: NAOS Hôtel Groupe,
- Operating franchise: Hilton France,
- Commercial buyer: SCI Tours Nationale Commerces (Hercacles Commerces),
- Design architect: Arte Charpentier,
- Design architect: Arte Charpentier,
- Project manager: Eiffage Construction,
- BET Electricity: ICC,
- BET Plumbing: BED,
- SPS and control office: Qualiconsult