Privacy policy


Eiffage Immobilier, in its position as the data controller under French law number 78-17 dated 6 January 1978, amended (hereafter the “French Data Protection Law”, is committed to protecting the privacy of the users that visit its website.


This document, the “Privacy policy”, has been written to provide you with information on data processing for which we (Eiffage Immobilier) are responsible in connection with this Website. It covers:


  • how we collect and process your Personal data;
  • how we use your Personal data;
  • how we protect the Personal data that we collect from you when you use our Website;
  • and the obligations that we have and you have under the French Data Protection Law.


You undertake to read the website terms and conditions of use (hereafter the “Terms ») and the other documents that form part of the contract between you and us as regards your use of the Website. These documents together with this Privacy policy form a package of contracts, which is legally binding on you.


The terms defined below will have the following meanings, whether they are used in the singular or in the plural:

  • Personal data” takes the meaning set out in article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation n° 2016/679 (hereafter “GDPR”): “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person”. In particular, Personal data includes any data by which you can be identified.
  • Applicable regulation” means all current or future regulations or standards that apply to users and to the Website, and in particular legislation and regulations relating to the protection of personal data, including the French Data Protection Law.
  • Terminal” means the various devices via which the Website can be accessed. Terminals include smartphones, tablets, micro-computers (both PC and Apple) via the internet and any object that is connected or can be connected to another object and to the internet.
  • you”, “your”, “user(s)” means any person that accesses the Website (e.g. Visitors) and whose Personal data can be collected during their Visit.

How we collect your Personal data

We collect your Personal data directly and indirectly, for instance:


  • through your Terminal (e.g. cookies, connection data);
  • when you fill in data collection forms on the Website, and in particular the contact section;
  • when you browse the pages of the Website.

1. Cookies

1.1 General

When you use the Website, information about how you browse it may be saved in files called “cookies” on your Terminal.


A cookie is a file installed on your Terminal by the server of the website you visit, containing information about how you browse the website. The data obtained is used to improve your future experiences on the website in question when you return to it, and is also used in calculating traffic statistics.


These cookies are placed when you browse our Website, either by us directly or by certain commercial Partners. (To find out more about cookie settings, please see section 3.5 Your cookie choices).


The information within a cookie can only be read or modified by the entity which sent it.


Please be aware however, that if you share the use of your Terminal with other people, we cannot ensure that the services and advertisements you receive correspond to your own usage and not that of another user. In this situation, it is your responsibility to adjust your settings to prevent the installation of tracer cookies used to offer you this kind of targeted advertising.


There are different types of cookies:


  • session cookies (technical cookies) which disappear as soon as you leave the website;
  • permanent cookies that remain on your Terminal until the end of their lifespan, or until you use a browser feature to delete them.

Please remember that, when you visit the Website, cookies may be placed on your Terminal.


1.2 Cookies placed via the Website


Thanks to the cookies that we place on your Terminal, we can recognise your browser when you connect to the Website.


We use them to:


  • calculate traffic statistics (number of visits, page views, website experience, etc.) to constantly improve the service we provide;
  • adapt the presentation of the Website to your Terminal’s display preferences;
  • memorise the information that you have entered in various forms;
  • memorise the choices you have made regarding how cookies are used when you visit the Website.


1.3 Cookies placed by third parties via the Website


1.3.1 Improving the user experience offered by the Website


We may include third-party applications on our Website. You can use these applications to share content from our Website with other people, or to tell these other people about the content you have read on our website, or your opinion of it. Such applications include, for example, the “Share” and “Like” buttons from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.


Social media services that supply such button applications may identify you through the button, even if you do not use it while visiting our Website. This type of button application can enable the social media service to track the way your browse our Website simply because your account on the social media service concerned is active on your terminal (with a session open) while you are browsing our Website.

The processes used by these social media services to collect information about the way you browse our Website and link it to Personal data they hold about you are outside our control. We invite you to read the social media services’ privacy policies to understand the use they make of the browsing data they collect via these button applications, in particular as regards advertising. The privacy policies should offer you the means to make choices as regards these social media services, in particular by adjusting your user account settings for each of the networks.


1.3.2 Audience measurement


By monitoring the way you browse the Website, we can calculate traffic statistics (visits, page views, browsing history, time spent, browser, buttons clicked, forms completed, terminal, town or city in which your internet provider’s gateway is located, etc.).


We cannot identify either your name or your address from this data. We use it to analyse the general performance of the Website that we are operating and for this purpose only. This data is kept strictly confidential.


This data is collected by Applied Technologies Internet SAS (“AT Internet”), using the Analytics Suite solution, – and by Google, using the Google Analytics solution.

AT Internet stores this data for 6 months. We have access to AT Internet’s reports throughout this timeframe in which we maintain a commercial relationship with them, and for six months thereafter.

Google stores this data for 18 months. Once this period has passed, it is “anonymised”.


We access audience reports via a secure connection.


1.3.3 Maps


When you search our directory for an Eiffage Immobilier subsidiary, the Website will identify all the locations that match your search criteria.  The results are available as a list and also as a map showing the subsidiaries.


To provide this, we work with Evermaps SAS (“Evermaps”), who supply the maps and data. To enable our Website and their resources to communicate, Evermaps places a cookie on your Terminal until you close your browser.


1.4 Your cookie choices


You are free to decide whether cookies are placed on your Terminal. You can set your browser to reject either all cookies or certain ones (based in particular on who wants to place them). You can also set your browser to invite you to accept or reject them on a case-by-case basis, before they are saved on your Terminal.

However, given the purposes of cookies, as explained above, setting your browser to reject them may affect the way you browse the website and/or the features, functioning and access conditions of certain services that operate by way of cookies, such as, for example, a user-friendly page layout adjusted to your Terminal.


You can make decisions regarding cookies and amend them at any time, as follows:


  • In Chrome: click on the menu, then on “Settings” and display the advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click “Contents settings” and under “Cookies”, select the required level.


  • For Mozilla Firefox: Choose the “Tools” menu, then “Options”, click the “Privacy” icon, find the “Storage rules” menu and select the “Use custom setting for history” option. Select the required level.
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 and later: choose the “Tools” menu, then “Internet options” and click the “Confidentiality” tag. Use the cursor to select the required level.


  • For Opera 6.0 and later: in the main menu, select “Settings”, click “Privacy & security” in the side bar and under “Cookies” select the options you require.


  • In Safari: in the Safari menu, choose “Preferences” > “Security” or “Confidentiality” and select the options you require.



2. The purposes for which we process your Personal data

We process your Personal data through the site for the following purposes (hereafter the “Purposes”):


  • to handle your questions, requests for information, and requests of any other type (e.g. quotation, project, complaint, etc.);
  • to keep you up to date with our latest news by sending you email newsletters to which you have subscribed.

The information that is essential for us to fulfil the Purposes described above is marked with an asterisk (*) on the various pages of the Website. If you leave a field marked with an asterisk blank, we may be unable to allow you access to all or part of the services and features of the Website, and we may be unable to process your requests. Fields not marked with an asterisk are optional. Their purpose is to enhance your experience on the Website.


The other information is optional. We use it to get to know you better and improve the communications we send to you and the services we provide. The information collected by Eiffage Immobilier includes your family name, given name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

3. How long we keep your Personal data

We retain your Personal data for the length of time required for the various Purposes described in the section above.


Consequently, your:


  • electronic identity Personal data will be kept for thirteen (13) months from the date it is collected (the email address you use to register for a communication will be kept until you terminate your subscription);


  • personal data in the form of cookies will be kept for thirteen (13) months from the date it is collected.


Personal data collected will be deleted once one of the following events occurs:


  • the retention period comes to an end;


  • you exercise your right to erase the data under the French Data Protection Law, in the manner laid out in the “Your right to access the data collected” clause of this Privacy Policy;



  • it is deleted by Eiffage Immobilier for any reason whatsoever.

4. Recipients of your Personal data

As required by the Purposes described above, the Personal data that we collect may be transferred to the following recipients in order for the Website to operate and the Purposes to be achieved: our commercial partners, relevant departments and/or divisions of Eiffage Immobilier, departments and/or divisions of a company within the Group to which Eiffage Immobilier belongs, departments and/or divisions of an establishment or agency of Eiffage or one of the companies in the Group to which Eiffage Immobilier belongs.

5. Sharing and disclosure of your Personal data

We are the only recipient of your Personal data. We will only communicate your Personal data to a third party if:


  • you have given your prior express permission for this information to be shared (for example, for a special promotional event);


  • we receive a request from a law enforcement agency or any legally accredited administrative authority requesting the communication of this information in accordance with current legal provisions.

6. Unsolicited Personal data

Please do not send us any content that we have not requested via a questionnaire or another data collection form. Such content could include commercial information, advertisements, personal creations, ideas, concepts, etc.

When you spontaneously send us your Personal data, and in particular multimedia content (photographs, videos, etc.), you undertake to ensure that the information you send is accurate and is not detrimental to the interests or rights of third parties.

7. How we protect your Personal data

We do everything possible to protect your Personal data against damage, loss, misappropriation, intrusion, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

In accordance with French legislation governing the protection of Personal data, we use both physical and electronic systems to protect the Personal data collected on the website.


Our staff who may come into contact with your Personal data in the course of their jobs undertake to maintain the highest level of confidentiality.


However, we are unable to control all the risks of the internet. Please remember: when data is transferred via the internet, there is a risk that it could be lost or its confidentiality could be infringed. The Website may at times be unavailable due to a case of force majeure, an unplanned circumstance or an event which is not our responsibility.

8. Accuracy of the Personal data collected

You acknowledge that you have been informed of the importance of ensuring that your Personal data, as transmitted via the Website, is accurate.


Consequently, you undertake to ensure that all the Personal data you enter remains accurate throughout the time you use the Website. Should one or more item(s) of Personal data change while you are using the Website, you undertake to update it/them immediately.


To this end, you can make a request to access, rectify or erase all or part of your data as set out in the “Your rights to access your Personal data collected” clause of this Privacy policy.

9. Your rights to access your collected Personal data

Under the provisions of articles 38 to 40 of the French Data Protection Law, you have a general right to access and rectify your Personal data processed by us.


You can exercise this right by emailing or posting details of your request to the address below, including proof of identification:


Eiffage Immobilier

Direction de la communication ECGD
3-7 place d'Europe
78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay

You also have the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to your Personal data being processed (with the exception of direct marketing purposes, to which you can object without legitimate reasons being required).

10. Unsubscribing from “Press release” notifications

Our Website offers a free service called “Press release notification”, and you are free to subscribe to this. Among other information, these notifications include information about Eiffage Immobilier, our products and our latest news.


If you no longer wish to receive this information, we suggest you unsubscribe from the service:


  • either by clicking the <Unsubscribe> link at the bottom of the newsletter


  • or by sending an email, specifying the email address to be unsubscribed.

11. How your data will be used if control of the company changes

Your Personal data collected by us could be transferred to a third party as part of a change in the control of the company, an acquisition, insolvency proceedings or the sale of the company’s assets.

12. Data protection policy as regards young people under 18 years of age

Young people under 18 are not our Website’s intended audience. However, as the Website does not contain any content which young people aged under 18 are prohibited from viewing, access is not limited to adults.


The forms and questionnaires on the website are not designed to collect information from young people aged under 18. If information relating to a young person aged under 18 has been collected via the website, the young person’s legal representative may contact the Eiffage Immobilier communications department to have the information rectified, amended or erased (see the “Right to access, amend, rectify and erase” clause).

13. Responsibility

By using our Website, you undertake to comply with the terms of this confidentiality policy.


Consequently, you are and you remain responsible for any breach of this Privacy policy and in particular for keeping your login information confidential and for any unauthorised use of the website.


In this context, you will cover any fine that could be imposed on us, in particular as a result of a legal decision by a French administrative or other court, or applied by an independent administrative authority such as the French Data Protection Agency, CNIL, in respect of a breach on our part of our obligations under this privacy policy.


Moreover, we can take no responsibility in a situation where:


  1. some or all of your personal data is used voluntarily or involuntarily by a third party;
  2. your Personal data is incorrect or you have failed to update it;
  3. you have failed to comply with your obligations under French Data Protection Legislation, this Privacy policy or other contractual documents that apply to you.

14. Updates to the Privacy policy

We may amend this Privacy policy. Updates will be implemented without any advance notice and will be posted online.


The previous Privacy policy will then be automatically cancelled and replaced by the new version which will immediately become binding upon all Users. Your use of our Website is subject to the Privacy policy in force at the time that you use it. As changes can be made to the Privacy policy, we recommend that you consult the “Personal data” section regularly.

15. Questions/Contact

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy policy and the way we collect and use your Personal data, you can message us via our Contact page or send us a letter by post.

16. Severability

Should one of the clauses of this Privacy policy be null, in particular as a result of a change in legislation or a court decision, the other clauses will remain valid and in force.

17. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Privacy policy is governed by French law.