Team spirit reigns in the Athletes' Village: Eiffage Construction and Savare lay the first wooden elements

Team spirit reigns in the Athletes' Village: Eiffage Construction and Savare lay the first wooden elements

Low-carbon construction by Eiffage is gaining momentum in the Athletes' Village and the synergy between our businesses is becoming apparent: the emblematic project in sector E is being developed by the consortium comprising Nexity, Eiffage Immobilier, CDC Habitat, EDF and Groupama, with the teams from Eiffage Construction and Savare playing a full part. The first wooden elements, the wooden frame walls, are currently being installed.

3 construction methods are chosen for sector E:
- Low carbon concrete on the 6 10-floor housing buildings
- Mixed wood concrete low carbon wood frame facades on the 7-floor office building
- Mix of low carbon concrete, wood and bio sourced wood frame facadesstructure on the 12 5-floor housing buildings

After more than a year of exchanges with the wood industry (from forest to implementation) and intensive collaboration with Euro Lamellé, Goyer, and Savare, an Eiffage Construction subsidiary with expertise in wood construction, the challenge has been met with the first lifts of the bio-sourced wood frame walls produced by Savare. The installation of the glulam post and beam structure and the low-carbon wood/concrete floors is also carried out by our teams.

100% of the structural wood used in the project (excluding LVL - lamibois) comes from French forests: the Eiffage Wood Label (Etiquette Bois) - a traceability tool developed by our teams - together with the expertise of Product DNA - a company specialising in product traceability consultancy - allows for traceability and transparency of the wood used.

Overall, more than 20,000 sqm of wood frame walls/facades will be produced, stored and delivered by Savare, as well as 1,600 m3 of glued laminated timber produced by Euro Lamellé, which will be installed in 2022/2023.

The office building will have 1,400 m3 of glulam, 15,000 sqm of connected low-carbon concrete floor and 800 blocks of mixed aluminium and wood facades produced by Goyer, a subsidiary of Eiffage, and Savare.

The delivery of sector E is scheduled for December 2023, six months before the start of the Games. After the accommodation of the sports delegations in 2024, the "Legacy 2025" phase will begin: it consists of adapting the buildings and reusing them to create a dynamic, lively neighbourhood as a legacy for the inhabitants.

A beautiful operation that we will follow closely!